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Business area
Wide Information Network Service CORE
Provide technical support services optimized for development and system operations and which provides S/W, H/W, solution distribution.
Global Solution Provider – eG Enterprise
In a changing IT environment, passive and distributed post-processing performance monitoring is no longer sufficient.
It's eG Enterprise that can only make intuitive solution for performance issues by ensuring proactive automation in critical real-time business environment and enterprise-class integrated performance.
  • Monitor all of the IT Infra and Application by a single solution including from SMS, NMS, APM, DPM, which existing solutions present, to switchboard,
    virtualization (including network isolation), cloud, and micro service architecture (MAS). Our solution embeds horizontal and vertical correlation analysis techniques which are not presented in other solutions.
  • Provide an intelligent operating environment using our own machine learning
  • Measurement of Real/Synthetic response time
  • Implement intuitive Root RCA(Cause Analysis) with correlation analysis
  • Provide a foundation for easy alignment with different systems and customization
Global Solution Provider – veeam BACKUP & REPLICATION
Most companies use separate backup solutions for OS and DB.
The introduction of a single beam software solution can significantly reduce costs in and of itself, which is why Winscore can offer it with confidence to our customers.
Veem softwware
  • A single integrated solution
  • OS + DB One Solution
Management and operation
  • A Single Management Procedure
  • A Single Operational Manual
  • A Single Upgrade
Installation and Running
  • One-time installation and configuration
  • One time of backup per server
  • Various recovery options
  • OS unit, DB unit, folder/file/email unit
OS + DB + VM + Cloud + Kubernetes
LIMS : Laboratory Information Management System
LIMS is a system that stores information generated or used in the laboratory, manages stored data, and allows users to view and utilize it in any format they want.
So it's one of the infrastructures that increases laboratory efficiency by systematically managing laboratory information and improves information utilization, thereby contributing to the organization's non-transmissibility.
▶ System Process
▶ Key features of the System
  • Lab Management
    • Lab Management
      - Sample, Sample Schedule
      - Product Specifications, Experimental Methods
    • Issuance of test report
    • Calibration of experimental instruments
  • Quality data management
    • Validation and audit results data entry
    • Long-term management and storage of all data
    • Issue Nonconformity Report
      (NCR, Nonconformance Report)
  • Inventory management
    • Managing Reagent Inventory in the Laboratory
    • Laboratory analysis equipment management
  • Laboratory Efficiency management
    • Managing Experimental Costs
    • Laboratory Efficiency management
  • Linkage with analysis equipment
    • Automatic transmission of result data through linkage with analysis equipment
  • System Integration
    • High-level program linkage of quality data
    • Interface with ERP system to link specifications, results, etc
    • EUtilization of results data in an ERP system
  • Statistic Quality Management
    • Provides various charts and QC tools
      - Trend By (Sample or Test Property)
      - IMR Control Chart, X-Bar R Chart, Distribution, etc.
  • Report
    • Supports consistent standard reporting of quality data
LIMS System Configuration: External System Linkage
LIMS System Configuration: External System Linkage
▶ Example of the analysis process for LIMS
LIMS main screen example
SHE : Safety, Health and Environment Management System
SHE is an infrastructure solution that integrates and manages safety and environmental health data to improve work efficiency and enables active response to safety and environmental regulations.
Overview of SHE
SHE is a solution for securing information infrastructure, making process innovation, integrating period system, simplifying and standardizing safey and environmental work and enhancing work efficiency by real-time information sharing.
▶ Key features of the System
  • Safety
    • Work Permit
    • Accident management
    • Safety inspection
    • Facility inspection
    • Protective equipment management
    • Safety education
    • Reference Information
  • Environment
    • Air Facilities
    • Air operation management
    • Water quality Facilities
    • Raw material/pharmaceutical management
    • Operation management
    • Self-measurement
    • Operation status
    • waste
    • Request and Process
  • PSM
    • Process Safety Data
    • Risk assessment
    • KRAS
    • JSA
    • CHARM
  • Health
    • Health checkup
    • Designation of target audience
    • Schedule a checkup
    • Checkup results
    • Health care office
    • Management of suspected patients
    • Prescription of medicine
    • Drug management
    • Standard information
  • Management
    • Management objectives
    • Performance and Status by Department
    • Law management
    • Regulation Management
    • Disaster-free management
▶ Effect of system introduction
  • Common field
    • Business standardization and process improvement
    • Collect and share SHE information
    • Remove DATA LOSS
    • International Standard Certification
    • Internal SHE Diagnostics
  • Environmental field
    • Analysis work management
    • Approval of expenses
  • Safety and health field
    • MSDS management
    • Disaster management
    • Disaster-free management
SHE System Task Configuration
▶ SHE Integrated Information
SHE main screen
WS-Commerce (E-Commerce shopping mall solution)
It is a JAVA-based shopping mall construction solution for professional store operation and is a shopping mall solution that can be used in any environment such as Linux and UNIX.
▶ Solution Features
We provide maintenance that requires direct operation, so that anyone can easily operate the shopping mall.
WS-Commerce is building a shopping mall using its own shopping mall solution.
It was designed and developed to respond more effectively to external intrusion by separating the user web section and the administrator web section.
SSL certificate was introduced in the server communication section and encryption through https communication was applied.
▶ Solution Configuration